Plexiglass Containers for Pull Tabs

    Size and colors are customized to your needs and may change the cost.
Standard Size is 12 inches wide by 12 deep by 15 inches tall 

Container with 1 bottom drawer
with 2 locks: Approximately $200-$225


Container with 2 bottom drawers
with 3 locks: Approximately $250-$275


 Cash Box Drawer Only
 with 1 lock: $100-$150

* Size and color customized to your needs

* Plexiglass sliding drawer in a plexiglass case

* Drawer has slots for cash

* Lock with 2 keys optional


 Bright florescent plexi-glass will add to the cost, but it looks great!


Please contact your Next Generation Gaming Rep to ask questions or to order.

We can only sell these dispensers to MN Licensed Charitable Gambling Organizations. 

Sales Reps

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Kari Lindblom
Jon Jorgensen
Logan Scott
Pete Isakson
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